10 Celebrities Who Have Aged Badly

Hollywood may be obsessed with youth, but turning back the time is impossible. Due to natural causes, surgery and excessive drug use, some celebrities have started looking like leather. It seems that some people were so fixated on their appearance that they ended up ruining their looks forever. As money isn’t really a problem for Hollywood’s crème de la crème, celebs can afford to have surgical procedures whenever they feel like there’s something wrong with their appearance. Whatever their particular case may be, here are 10 celebrities who have aged badly.

Mickey Rourke

Mickey is the ultimate example of celebrities that ruined their faces and caused their careers to take a nosedive. Rourke was at the top of his games in the 80’s and 90’s, but gradually faded away. Looking at some of the then and now pictures of Rourke makes you realize what too much plastic surgery can do to your face.

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