7 Healthy Teas to Replace Coffee and Soda

While all tea comes from a single plant, Camellia Sinensis, there are a variety of types with their own unique properties and specifications. Tea is split into different types based on the way its leaves are picked, processed, and drank.

From the over roasted leaves of Black Tea, to the untouched and unprocessed White Tea, this refreshing drink contains a number of amazing health benefits that will help you get in shape, give you a boost of energy for your day, and make you feel healthy and ready to take on your daily activities. Let’s take a look at the top 7 teas that can make your life better!

Oolong Tea

The enzymes present in Oolong tea help you better eliminate triglycerides. These compounds are a type of fat that is stored in blood cells. Extensive studies have shown that people who drank Oolong daily were experiencing a greater weight loss that people who only drank water. Besides the weight loss benefit, this tea also helps detoxify your organism and prevents tooth decay.

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