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How 25 Adult Film Stars Look With and Without Makeup

Some look even better without it. The others? Well…

In the adult film business, using a considerable amount of make-up is an industry standard. After all, everyone wants to watch a more glamourous world that’s supposed to be an improvement on real life. Yes, of course we know it’s fake, but despite all the superficiality, we still watch it…

Adult film stars have to look pretty and perfect all the time while being filmed, but what do they look like without makeup? These images were taken from the Instagram account of beauty stylist Melissa Murphy. She posted photos of how adult film stars look before and after she’s done applying the makeup and styling their hair. It’s somehow interesting to see how these women look like in their natural state.

Most of the adult film stars look better with makeup, which is to show that transforming the ordinary into extraordinary isn’t an easy job, as it requires skill and practice. And you should see for yourself that some of these stars look even better without makeup. But it also says that almost anyone can look like a porn star.

Browse through these photos of adult film stars with and without makeup and take a look behind the curtains of the adult entertainment industry.


Ava Addams

Born in Gibraltar, Ava Addams grew up in Houston, Texas, and began her career aged 29 in Florida. She started in the business after going to what she believed was a model job, but was actually a lesbian scene. She was nominated for MILF / Cougar Performer of the Year in 2012 and 2013. Her passions are BDSM, travel and yoga.


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