18 Shocking Facts You Didn’t Know about Hitler

Fascinating things about the most evil men in history.

Adolf Hitler is dead, but his atrocities are not forgotten. You can find everything you want to know about Hitler on the Internet — but what if there’s more?

The Nazi dictator was responsible for the deaths of six million Jewish people, while a further 70 million more died as a result of World War II.

Hitler is one of the most written-about people in history, but there are some odd facts you may not already know about him.

Almost every conversation that goes on long enough ends up with someone mentioning Hitler. So, the next time that happens, you’ll know more about the Nazi dictator and make the conversation more interesting.

Here are 18 shocking facts you didn’t know about Hitler. Other than him being a horrible human being, of course.


He Never Stepped Foot in a Concentration Camp

While he had plans to exterminate the whole Jewish race, Hitler has never seen the insides of a concentration camp, let alone a death camp. I’s Possible that the Nazi leader regarded himself above the repulsive things that happened inside concentration camps.

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