Top 15 Cutest Animals On The Planet

Humans are not the only ones living on this amazing planet, and that’s a good thing! We share the Earth with a vast variety of animals, in all shapes and sizes.

Some may be massive, others may be frightening, but most are just adorable! Check out or list of the 15 cutest animals on the Planet today. If you have any suggestions, leave them in the comments and we will update the list!

the slow loris

15. The Slow Loris

This cute fellow can be easily recognized by its small head, big brown eyes, small ears, and overall adorable look. The slow Loris can be found in South and Southeast Asia. Don’t be fooled by looks, though, as the slow Loris is quite dangerous!

At the moment, this cute critter is on the endangered list, and efforts are being made to stop illegal poaching and grow the population in the wild.

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